Eczema anti-scratching cloting

Clothing Cocooning ANTI-SCRATCHING 100% Oeko-tex

Specialized for babies and children, our clothing protects the skin and relieves itching in case of eczema, chickenpox, allergies, atopic dermatitis. They also help the child regain a restful sleep, healing the skin, protect from over-infections, in addition to treatments.

Maluna accompanies baby from birth to childhood. Also approved by parents for newborns to protect them from the scratches of their small nails and the cold during the outings.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 4.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Welcome to maluna’s world

My name is Rosemarie Blum, I am the mother of a little girl named Pauline, who has suffered from severe eczema since she was 2 months old.
My daughter would wake up several times a night and scratch herself until she bled.
What could i do to relieve this itching so that she could sleep peacefully through the nights?
I started looking for solutions.

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Photo of Rosemarie Blum

Why choose maluna's clothes ?

Pix of baby anti-scrtaching pyjama front

Doubled Lining Band:

Lining band prevents direct contact between the buttons and the skin for greater sleeping comfort. The buttons are 100% nickel free and Oeko-tex certifcated to prevent allergic reactions

Double Layers Of Mitten/Wrist Protection:

Your child’s hands and wrists are protected by double-lined mittens- single layer is not enough to protect the skin from the child’s nails.

Double Layered Foot Proctection:

Double layers for foot/ankles protection, these are areas of the skin are often damaged during Eczema flare ups

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Flat Seams On The Outside:

Seams can be very irritating to damaged skin. Our clothing has flat seams on the outside of which helps protect the skin.

Special Closure:

We created a special closure for our Maluna pyjamas.We also added a pouch inside to prevent the child from slipping his hands into the pyjamas to scratch his legs.

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pix of Baby anti-scratching pyjama back-pyjama
pix of Maluna anti-scratching jacket front

Dual Protection Patches Inside The Elbows:

The skin on the inside of the elbows lacks elasticity and cracks easily..It is also a very itchy zone in most eczema flare ups.

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Labels Printed Outside:

Labels and care instructions are printed outside Maluna garments instead of sewed-in Labels, which can irritate the skin.

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Maluna commitment

Nos labels !

Les vêtements Maluna sont labellisés OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 1.
Grâce à un contrôle strict des matières premières à la confection, ce label indépendant prévient les risques d’allergies et d’irritations et certifie une parfaite innocuité pour la peau.
C’est pour vous une assurance de confort et de qualité.

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recommande ®Maluna

L’AFPRAL, l’association française pour la prévention des allergies, est en France la plus ancienne association pour les personnes allergiques.

®Maluna bénéficie de l’agrément de l’AFPRAL qui recommande notre gamme de vêtements anti-grattage dans le but de soulager les démangeaisons au quotidien

Qu'est-ce que l'AFPRAL ?

Maluna, adhérant de l’Association Française de l’Eczema.

L’association de l’eczéma communique et informe sur la maladie pour aider les patients et leur entourage à mieux vivre avec. Elle collabore étroitement avec les professionnels de santé…

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Our Labels !

Maluna clothing is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 1. Certification by this independent label means that the raw materials used in production are stricly controlled, eliminating the risks of allergies and irritation and ensuring maximum skin tolerability.
It is a guarantee of comfort and quality for you and your child.

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AFPRAL Recommends ®Maluna

AFPRAL, the French association for the prevention of allergies, is in France the oldest association for people with allergies. ®Maluna is approved by AFPRAL, which recommends our range of anti-scratching garments in order to relieve itching on a daily basis

Who is AFPRAL ?
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Maluna, Member Of The French Eczema Association

Working closely with healthcare professionals,The french eczema association communicates and informs the public about the disease in order to help patients, their friends and families lead better lives with the disease.

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Happy children and satisfied parents

I am the mother of a little boy, Victor, who has had eczema since he was three months old.

He scratched himself a lot all over his body, until he bled. His skin was constantly irritated and the wounds from his eczema were often infected.

We used to spent all our time watching him to stop him from scratching.It was tough, especially at nights.

Then we discovered Maluna clothing. Victor has been wearing the Maluna jacket at night, in the car, and sometimes during the day whenever he has major eczema flare-ups.

The eczema patches are still there but are no longer raw and infected so his skin is less irritated. And there is no more bleeding. Victor sleeps much more peacefully at night, and car trips are no longer a stressful for us.

I thank Maluna for helping us improve our son’s quality of life !!

Estelle Verdier. / 12390 AUZITS
Pix of Jenny eczema anti-scratch pyjama Maluna

Hello, our first night with the Maluna Pyjama was great!

No scratching during the night and in the morning,

When she woke up, she wanted to wear the pyjama the entire day!

I think she must feel really comfortable wearing the Pyjama.

Best regards,


Jennifer / 59124 ESCAUDAIN
Eczema Maluna anti-scratch pyjama

Although I was initially ckeptical whether my four-year-old daughter would agree to wear these strange pyjamas with her hands and feet enclosed, I was very surprised by her positif reaction.

She jumped into the pyjamas and would not take them off the whole day!She has been wearingthem for three weeks now and the results are spectacular. With these pyjamas, my daughter no longer has bleeding wounds on her skin.She scratches much less, and her skin has improved significantly.

Whenever i need to wash the Maluna pyjamas and give her a regular pyjamas, you can see the diffrence immediately.

The foot protection is also very practical. Her feet stay warm even if she does not put on her slippers!

Sandra Aubert / 83470 SAINT MAXIMIN